Zaius Introduces Zam, the Marketing Assistant Built to Help Marketers Delight their Customers at Every Interaction

Boston, MA, March 26, 2019: Zaius, the architect of Assisted Marketing, today unveiled Zam, the data science-powered marketing assistant that supercharges the award-winning Zaius customer relationship management (CRM) platform. Zaius is the only CRM to provide the visibility of a Customer Data Platform, the cross-channel campaign functionality of a next-gen Email Service Provider, and the intelligence of data science.

Zaius provides marketers with a complete view of their customers, connecting all customer data sources, stitching identities of both known shoppers and anonymous visitors, which enables deep segmentation, precise personalization, and cross-channel campaign orchestration. With Zam, marketers harness the power of data science throughout the CRM platform, without the need for endless data-diving.  

Zam is the industry’s first automated marketing assistant that translates the power and intelligence of data science into assists – a new kind of prescriptive and directional guidance – to optimize marketing programs and inject relevance into customer relationships. Zam uniquely trains itself on each brand’s data, doing the heavy lifting of surfacing opportunities, automating tasks, and streamlining execution, so marketers can efficiently realize their potential.

“From CRM to paid media to site merchandising, Zam empowers my team to plan for success and pivot quickly to capitalize on ‘hidden gems’”, said Sam Wilson, Senior E-commerce Marketing Manager, Richer Poorer. “It reveals layers of marketing and business intelligence that we don’t get elsewhere.”

Assisted by Zam, Zaius users now have predictive and descriptive capabilities including:

  • Predict Customer Behavior: Marketers can anticipate each shopper’s likelihood to purchase in real-time, and seamlessly launch behavioral triggers. Predicting each shopper’s behavior provides a clear path to more relevant messaging throughout the lifecycle.
  • Uncover Hidden Product Opportunities: Zam helps marketers and merchandisers uncover product opportunities by knowing and understanding which products are performing well and which are not. Zam surfaces promising products based on a customer’s previous behavior and current intent, allowing you to re-merchandise the right products to the right shoppers.
  • Personalize Messaging: With native product recommendations embedded into the CRM, marketers can connect shoppers with the most relevant products that they are likely to buy.

“There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ predictive model. To inject true value into a brand’s relationship with its shoppers, models must adapt to your unique business and continue to learn as they gather more data,” emphasized Spencer Pingry, Zaius founder and CTO. “Zam leverages a brand’s event level stream of customer interactions including product detail views, promotional offers, content viewed across channels, and more. We take care of data science so that you can take care of your customers.”

The release of Zam follows a string of value-added functionality augmenting the Zaius B2C CRM platform, including the launch of web modals, expanded behavioral segmentation, and frictionless onboarding through turn-key eCommerce integrations, such as Shopify, and automated IP warming.

To learn more about Zam, register for the upcoming release webinar on Tuesday, April 2nd at 12noon ET.

About Zaius
Zaius loves marketers! Having created the Assisted Marketing movement, Zaius provides marketers with the ability to creatively design and boldly deliver a customer-first experience. The Zaius industry-leading CRM is the only solution to combine the customer visibility of a CDP, data-science fueled analytics for deeper customer engagement and the marketing outreach of a next-gen ESP. Need an assist? Let us know how we can help at

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