Magento x Zaius

With Zaius, brands deepen customer loyalty to drive more revenue and repeat business. As a Magento technology partner, Zaius has connected marketing and commerce to turbo charge your marketing efforts.

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Native Integration with Magento

Zaius is focused on assisting retail and ecommerce marketers, and our industry expertise is unmatched. Our Magento extension unifies commerce and marketing, combining the critical data sources directly into Zaius. With Magento and Zaius, brands enjoy an intimate view of your customers and are ready to engage in moments

Unlike our previous provider, Zaius Customer Success is proactive, confident, smart, and hungry to help us grow. Whether it’s my Customer Success Manager or a member of the Support team, someone is always there to help me and I get responses right away.

Laura Rogers

Community Marketing & Sales Manager

San Francisco Bay Coffee increased AOV by 40% and revenue per send by 4X.

Shared Customers

Customer-First CDP

Only Zaius combines the customer visibility of a CDP, the marketing campaign functionality of an ESP, and data-science fueled analytics for deeper customer engagement.

Coordinated Campaigns Across Channels

With dynamic segmentation, build automated marketing campaigns across your best-performing channels. Create, test, and optimize triggered behavioral campaigns to connect your shoppers with personalized product recommendations precisely tuned to their preferences.

The Process

Zaius and Magento join forces to assist marketers

With complete control of customer data, marketers are empowered to create any campaign they can dream of. That’s why Zaius and Magento partnered to offer:

  • Streamlined data integration (limited development required)
  • Turnkey, ready-to-grow campaigns
  • A special Magento onboarding experience
  • Invitations to Magento-only Zaius events

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