Zaius empowers marketers to automate real-time, behaviorally-triggered messaging and lifecycle segmentation so they can deliver beautiful, relevant, and effective campaigns across channels and devices, including email, mobile, web, social media, and search marketing.

Drive conversions with triggered messaging

Behaviorally-triggered messaging is the most effective way to engage customers while they shop. Customers are exponentially more likely to make a purchase when they’re actively shopping or shortly thereafter, so responding to their needs in real-time is critical for driving more conversions. Automated cart abandonment, browse abandonment, and flash sale campaigns are just a few examples of triggered marketing made easy with Zaius. A campaign you never thought possible? We can do it.

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Increase revenue with customer segmentation

Segmenting your customers for better targeting and relevance is proven to increase customer engagement and revenue. Zaius not only instantly segments your customers by lifecycle stage, it’s also flexible enough to create real-time, dynamic customer segments based on any criteria you can dream of, in minutes. Zaius empowers marketers to re-engage at-risk customers, win back customers from months and years back, move one-time purchasers toward loyalty, and reward their most loyal customers.

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Maximize reach with multi-channel campaigns

The best way to reach more customers is to communicate with them on their terms. Not every customer responds to email, but they may be very responsive to mobile push messaging or social advertising. Zaius’s intuitive campaign execution feature makes it easier than ever to orchestrate multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns. Our customers have found that by coordinating messaging across channels, they can increase overall campaign performance by 30%.

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