Personalization is where we shine. Because Zaius unifies your customers’ behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, there is no better data on which to build your content personalization. From personalized product placement and recommendations to behaviorally-triggered campaigns, Zaius helps marketers truly personalize the customer experience.


Every marketer knows that customer segmentation is key to evolving B2C marketing from batch-and-blast messaging to more relevant customer communications. Zaius links your customers’ behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, then puts that data directly in your hands for easy, real-time customer segmentation and immediate activation.

Lifecycle Automation

Zaius automatically segments your customers by lifecycle stage, allowing you to automate engagement at each stage. Combined with behaviorally-triggered campaigns, you’ll have all of the tools you need to acquire new customers, drive more loyalty, and win back at-risk customers.

Assisted Marketing

Assisted Marketing is the customer-centric approach brands use to guide the shopping journey, gain customer intimacy, improve customer service, and sustain customer loyalty. Zaius Assisted Marketing gives marketers the independence and intelligence to design a deliver a customer-first experience.