Assisted Marketing

We’re Here to Help B2C Marketers Thrive

Assisted Marketing is the customer-centric approach brands use to guide the shopping journey, gain customer intimacy, improve customer service, and sustain customer loyalty. Zaius Assisted Marketing gives marketers the independence and intelligence to design a deliver a customer-first experience.

What is Assisted Marketing?

Powered by data science, Assisted Marketing gives brands an unfair advantage with prescriptive and directional guidance throughout your CRM. From predictive audience selection, task automation, and even product merchandising guidance, marketers gain data intelligence and can focus on driving value.

Assisted Marketing is the future for B2C brands, creating a customer-centric approach they use to guide the full buying journey, drive deeper customer intimacy, rapidly increase revenue, dramatically improve customer service, and continuously sustain customer loyalty.

Whether it’s a product, a white paper, or a Tweet, Assisted Marketing provides marketers the independence and intelligence to creatively design and boldly deliver a customer-first experience.

Assisted Marketing gives Brands an unfair advantage; prescriptive and directional guidance immersed into your CRM, which increases agility, deepens customer relationships and delivers significant growth.

Zaius B2C CRM

Using Zaius, brands have at their fingertips the ability to use data science in an accessible and actionable way. With each click of the mouse brands will be able to see assists that help them to:


Predict Shopper Behaviors

Re-Merchandise Products

Stitch Identities

Integrate Customer Data

Launch Ready-Made Campaign

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