The Assist is the show and tell of digital marketing.

In each episode of The Assist, we’ll share and demonstrate real-life opportunities to deepen your customer relationships. And, you’ll have it all in under 20 minutes – no lines, no waiting.


Curating Relevance with Site Behavior

In this true-to-life retailing scenario, Helix Sleep’s Laur Fiatoa shows and tells how to create a relevant experience by using the shopper’s digital footprint of site activity. This episode assists you with:

  • Using shopping intent to prioritize segment qualification
  • Advancing shoppers through their journey
  • Insights about anonymous and known shoppers


How to Use Relevance to Attract and Convert Shoppers

Your relationship with a shopper requires relevance throughout the journey. This episode Assists you to uncover the critical moments of engagement, deliver personalized product recommendations, and identify the types of shoppers that are right for your brand. Join Natalie Lodwig as she shares how Strut This is surrounding their shopper with relevance. And, play along with IN or OUT as we weigh the merits of VIP-only access and Insta-only deals.


Zam at Work: How the Data Science-Fueled Marketing Assistant Drives Growth

This episode assists you to infuse data-science into your customer relationships. Zam lights the way on your path to:

  • Encourage Likely Buyers
  • Model Your Most Likely Buyers
  • Find and Re-Merchandise Products
  • Seed Your Highly Engaged Shoppers

.. and we’ve included a few impactful must-see reports, too.

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