Zaius for Merchandisers

Customers are demanding more personalized experiences when engaging with brands. Zaius makes it easy for merchandisers to feature and promote the right products for each customer, including robust product recommendations and insights created bespoke for your brand.

Collect & Analyze Product Data

Personalized experiences start when Zaius plugs into your ecosystem, centralizing your product catalog, order history, and each shopper’s product interactions. Zaius’ data science algorithms automatically analyze these interactions to surface assistance in identifying products that may be under- or over-exposed, enabling you to feature or suppress those products in marketing campaigns, and increasing engagement and conversion.

Activate Personalized Interactions and Accelerate Conversion

Personalization can feel intimidating. But with Zaius, you can anticipate your shopper’s every need with powerful product recommendations that can be delivered across any channel. Whether a shopper needs to replenish an item, or they are looking for the perfect gift, Zaius makes it easy to personalize content, giving you time back in your day to focus on other parts of your marketing program.

Zaius Activated CDP

Learn what makes Zaius unique and how our CDP delivers the customer view you need to make service proactive.

Zaius Personalization

No matter where your shoppers interact with you, Zaius gives you the ability to treat each of your thousands of customers like a VIP who you know intimately.

Technology Partners

Find out how the customer data you already have can be brought together for a stronger customer service experience.

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