Zaius for Service

Turn your Service Center into a profit center. Deliver a more personalized and consistent brand experience by making the same complete view of the customer available to both your marketing and service teams.

Full Customer View Right Inside Your Service Platform

Too often, customer service teams operate with incomplete customer data. What if your team knew the customer’s purchase history, what products they are browsing right now, how many loyalty points they have, and their overall value to your business? With Zaius for Service, service teams can get the same single view of the customer that marketers see, enabling an unparalleled level of personalized customer service, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Service with a New Perspective

By combining a unified customer profile with key shopper insights, you equip your service team with the ultimate tool to turn a request for help into a memorable customer experience. And isn’t that what being a customer-obsessed and customer-centric brand is all about?

Understand Each Customer Intimately

Zaius for Service leverages the Activated CDP technology used by thousands of marketers to create highly personalized marketing campaigns and sends these same insights to the service solution your team is already using. Having the customer’s history of browsing activity, campaigns, orders, and even product reviews enables customer support teams to tailor service for each customer.

Recommend the Right Product at the Right Time

Retailers who lead with service understand the value of being customer centric. With Zaius for Service embedded in their dashboard, agents see each customer’s recent activity — including browsing, adding products to cart, and the check-out process. This enhanced visibility means agents can anticipate customer needs, can proactively reach out to key customers before they report a problem and have a wealth of personalized insights and recommendations to promote additional or replacement products, as needed. 

Make Every Interaction Matter

Zaius Activated CDP

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Technology Integrations

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