Zaius x Magento

Zaius is the world’s only B2C CRM that unifies all your customer data to design and deliver relevant interactions across channels. With Zaius, brands deepen customer loyalty to drive more revenue and repeat business. As a Magento technology partner, Zaius has connected marketing and commerce to turbo charge your marketing efforts.

"Zaius is empowering marketers to deliver relevance across the shopping journey,”

Ryan Murden, Head of Business Development at Magento

Know thy customer

Using Zaius' proprietary Customer Data Platforms (CDP) technology you can stitch together all your data for a complete view of each and every customer.

actionable analysis

Data is the fuel for your customer engagements. With the power of data science on your side, you can translate data into actionable insights that matter most.

impactful interactions

CRM is more than just email — it makes cross-channel, multi-touch customer engagements a reality, from email to web to social, and more.

The Customer-First CRM

We put the C back into CRM so you can stop talking about customer-first and start living it. With the Zaius CRM platform, brands seamlessly connect customer data and marketing campaigns, gaining a clear view of marketing attribution and performance. This unified approach creates customer intimacy, deepens customer loyalty, and increases revenue.

Our Customers Get Results

Increase in Repeat Purchases
Increase in CLTV
Increase in AOV

Zaius Customers Drive Growth

"Other platforms make me dig to try and find something interesting. Zaius shines a light on exactly what to do next. It’s my own marketing assistant."
Sam Sudman
Email Marketing Manager, Mizzen + Main
“From CRM to paid media to site merchandising, Zaius empowers my team to plan for success and pivot quickly to capitalize on ‘hidden gems'. It reveals layers of marketing and business intelligence that we don’t get elsewhere.”
Sam Wilson
Senior E-commerce Marketing Manager, Richer Poorer

Know What Your Customer Will Do Next

We all want to ‘know’ our customers. But when you combine a truly connected view with an individualized AI-engine, you take it to the next level. Start to anticipate your shopper’s likelihood to purchase in real-time and provide them a clear path to more relevant interactions.

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