How well do you really know your customers?

Zaius simplifies how you collect, analyze and act on your customer data
to deliver digital intuition.

Consumers want more relevant experiences. With Zaius, you can stitch together fragmented data to understand and optimize relationships with your customers.

Simplify Multichannel Data Collection

Fragmented data silos mean no one gets a complete view of the customer. With Zaius, capture customer data across any channel seamlessly.

Capturing multidimensional customer event data without pre-aggregation means marketers can analyze any dimension at any time.

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The bridge between data and action

The most important reason for better data and customer understanding is turning insight into action. Zaius connects marketers to real-time channels like e-commerce, web, and mobile to enable marketers to automate better customer experiences.

Stop creating data silos. Zaius provides integrated, measurable actions to help you optimize the customer experience across key channels.

Capture. Analyze. Act.