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ZAIUS empowers ANY marketer to understand and act on customer behavioral data.

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Behavioral Targeting

Customer behaviors tell you more about their needs than demographics. ZAIUS does the data science for you, making it easy to identify who to engage, convert & re-activate.

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Real Time Actions

Changing customer behavior with targeted messages takes timing. If you wait until they leave to act, it’s too late. ZAIUS makes it easy for you to think and act in "real" real-time.

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Proven at Massive Scale

Analyze and act on ALL your multi-channel customer data at scale. ZAIUS makes it easy to convert massive scale insights into targeted actions across any channel.



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Lifecycle Marketing

ZAIUS makes it easy to understand and target customers based on lifecycle stage and real-time buying signals. Within a few clicks, target customers based on lifecycle stage and real-time behavior. Leading companies understand that to deliver a better marketing experience you can’t turn over your customers to a black box, but you can’t treat everyone the same either. It’s a hard problem that requires a new approach. ZAIUS creates the clearest picture possible of every customer in real time. Behavioral triggers work, but with context they become even more powerful.

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Segment Discovery

Without real-time customer discovery, how can you expect to truly get the right message to them at the right time? ZAIUS can tell you the customer attributes and behaviors that actually impact purchase.

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Not just action — activation.

ZAIUS enables you to do more than segment your best customers, it makes it easier to create and deliver the messages that positively impact behavior. Use ZAIUS engagement tools to deliver targeted messaging across critical channels to promote conversion, lead generation, re-engagement, and retargeting. Simple and powerful, putting you in complete control.

ZAIUS Delivers:

  • PReal-time customer profiling and segmentation.

  • @Proactive push messaging for on-site activation.

  • àCross-channel and lifecycle re-engagement.

  • ÏAnd more...

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