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Ready to turn big data into better marketing? ZAIUS is ready to be marketing system of record and the most valuable product in your customer marketing ecosystem.

Maximize Customer Lifetime Revenue

Forget opens, clicks, and visits. Zaius empowers B2C marketers to optimize their marketing for driving repeat purchases and growing customer loyalty.

The world's top brands trust Zaius.

Nine West Holdings
Hard Rock Cafe
Moda Operandi

Repeat Purchases


Repeat Purchases

Customer Events


Increase in AOV

Customer Lifetime Value


Increase in CLTV

Single source of marketing truth

Your Customer System of Record

Say goodbye to fragmented customer data and disconnected customer experiences. Zaius was built to process and interpret billions of event-level customer interactions across every channel, resolve customer identities, and create a single system of record with unified, holistic customer profiles - the only CRM built for B2C marketers.

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Real-time Behavioral Segmentation

Optimizing the customer lifecycle means something different for every business. If you are trying to increase repeat purchases or average order value, Zaius delivers real-time lifecycle segmentation and advanced behavioral analytics with customer-centric campaign management, empowering marketing teams to maximize customer lifetime value.

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Multichannel mobile marketing

Customer-centric Campaign Orchestration

Go beyond standard email campaigns by using customer behaviors and lifecycle segmentation to orchestrate coordinated campaigns via email, mobile push notifications, Facebook, and Google. With Zaius, you can automate real-time campaigns triggered by specific behaviors on any channel.

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Cross-channel Attribution

Zaius was built on one of the most robust analytics platforms ever created. And because Zaius unifies data from all of your marketing channels, our attribution capabilites are unmatched. We like to call it "any-to-any" because Zaius empowers you to attribute any customer interaction to any other customer intraction, whether it's cross-category, cross-channel, or cross-property.

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"With a unique combination of flexible analytic capabilities, integrated cross-channel marketing execution, and ease of use, we see Zaius as

the future of CRM."

Andy Cho, Nine West


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