Relevance Starts with Customer Data

With flexible integrations, predictive insights, and personalized marketing campaigns, Zaius is a CDP built to activate your data.

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The Ultimate Experience Starts With the Customer

Zaius combines a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that consolidates and understands all of your customer data, a layer of sophisticated analytics that segments your audiences, and the campaign features that deliver the ultimate user experience in marketing, service, and commerce.


It starts at the core, with your customers. Our built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) resolves data from across the ecosystem into a single view of the customer. The output is full visibility into each and every customer, from anonymous to known, browser to loyal customer, their history with your brand and the experiences they want.


Zaius then layers in analytics that surface behaviors and predictions in order for teams to accurately segment audiences. These insights tell you which customers will purchase next, the products that could use marketing love, and pinpoint who is ready to increase their order.


Armed with customer visibility and finely-tuned behavioral segments Zaius now allows you to build and deploy all your marketing campaigns, integrate into the marketing system of your choice, or integrate with other experience solutions such as service, loyalty, commerce, and more.

10 %
increase in revenue
10 %
increase in open rates
100 %
increase in revenue per message

Putting the Customer in CRM

That’s right, we’ve combined three core solutions into one award-winning platform.

Zaius for Marketing

Zaius gets you the unified customer view you’ve wanted, the behavioral analysis you needed, and then in the same platform Zaius lets you design, build, and deploy customer activations. Not ‘spray & pray’ like a traditional ESP.

Zaius for Service

With Zaius customer visibility integrated directly into your service desk you arm your service pros with the data they need to have deeper customer interactions, serve up product rec in real time, and increase overall satisfaction.

Zaius for Merch

The Zaius platform not only provides visibility into each and every customer, but also the hidden performance of each of your products. Accelerate demand for products with a clear understanding of what is working and why.

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