Analytics & Predictive Recommendations

Anticipate Every Shopper's Behavior

Customer-centricity requires a deep understanding of patterns of behavior, trends, and the ability to decipher connections between seemingly unrelated data. With Zaius, customer analytics and predictive recommendations are at your fingertips at all times, allowing you to identify and capitalize on the true intent of your shoppers. 

A Predictive Data-Model Built for You

The next level of relevance is your ability to make recommendations that show shoppers that you understand their needs, which requires a next level data-model. That’s why Zaius analyzes all of your data from every source, looks for deep connections, and produces a personalized data model for your shoppers. Any source, any data type, and any event – it’s all fed into a self-learning model built for you. 

See into the Future

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your customers are going to purchase next? With Zaius, you can determine buying intent sooner and accelerate your shoppers purchasing timelines with a deep sequential neural network that’s trained on your own discrete data to predict every shopper’s Time-to-Next-Order.  

Promote the Right Products

As your product catalog grows, a natural problem arises: how do you ensure you’re giving the right products the optimal amount of exposure? Zaius ranks your entire product collection by sales versus visibility, giving you instant insight so you know which products to prioritize and which to de-emphasize. Finally, you have the rich data you need to create a strategy that scales.

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