Customer Lifecycle Analysis

See Your Customers. Clearly.

Zaius automatically segments every shopper into their lifecycle stage, giving you a crystal-clear view of your
customer lifecycle.

The View of Your Customers You’ve Always Wanted

Making strategic decisions to optimize each segment of the customer lifecycle with the perfect offer has never been easier. That’s because Zaius integrates with the leading marketing, merchandising, and experience platforms to unify all of your shopper data into one beautiful customer lifecycle view. And every segment is dynamic so you can just click, build, and send.

Automate the Customer Lifecycle

To succeed in the Customer Era, brands need to deliver relevance from the first day a shopper interacts with your brand and throughout their time as a loyal customer. Roll out the red carpet for anonymous shoppers to drive their first purchase, increase repeat-purchase-rate with personalized post-purchase campaigns, and re-engage your at-risk customers with intelligent winback campaigns. Activate your data in a way that was never before possible.

Go Ahead, Keep Growing

The clearest path to growth and increasing LTV is a clear and complete view of your shopper’s journey. As your brand’s audience grows from hundreds to thousands to millions, don’t lose that 1:1 feeling you gave to your very first customers. With Zaius, every single campaign can be automated and triggered with confidence, because it’s based on each shopper’s individual preferences. Exceed your growth goals this year.

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