Why Zaius?

Zaius Activated CDP is Purpose-Built for Ecommerce

We Help Growing Brands Grow Faster

Zaius is designed to give you the clearest path towards increasing CLTV, plain and simple. We believe that ecommerce marketers are the best and brightest in the world and if you’re given the clear and complete view of your shopper you’ve been longing for, then the sky is the limit for your growth.

Transform Customer Data into Customer Experiences

Great experiences are personal and individualized. That’s why we’ve always been hyper focused on eliminating the gap between customer data and data activations. Call us crazy, but we think it should be simple to uncover an insight and inject it into your customers’ experiences.

You’re Centered Around your Customers. We’re Centered Around You.

We only grow when you grow which is why we commit every minute of every day to ensure you see real, tangible results and value using Zaius.

The Zaius Integration Platform makes it simple for you to integrate your customer data from any ecommerce, experience, or marketing platform. Use Zaius to unify your customer data into a rich and actionable customer profile and take your marketing to the next level.

Our customer success team wakes up every morning, thinks about how they can help you drive more revenue from your campaigns, and then has their coffee.  

Always just a phone call away, you’ve got us in your corner. 

Whether it’s data-rich content, step-by-step campaign playbooks, virtual training sessions, or face-to-face peer meetups – we’re committed to enabling you in becoming a marketing superhero.

The Things We Stand For

We Earn Trust Through Transparency

At Zaius, we value open communication. We lower our walls, we’re candid, and we practice productive conflict. 

We Drive Influence Through Conviction

We believe that the best way to make an impact is to gather the data to support and deliver our position with conviction.

We Take Our Work Seriously, Not Ourselves

We check our egos at the door. While we count amongst ourselves some of the best and brightest in the industry, we hold nothing sacred and value individuality and pretense.

We Row Our Own Oars

We hold ourselves accountable for meeting and exceeding our individual objectives and goals, but most importantly, we’re all willing to extend ourselves beyond individual goals to help each other succeed.

We're Diligent, Then We're Awesome

We will do today what nobody wants to, so that tomorrow we can do what nobody else can. Do the little things well and the rest will follow.

We're Always Learning

We don’t know everything, but always strive to. We value constant self-improvement, curiosity, and ability to adapt to new information.

“At Zaius, I have the opportunity to work alongside smart, supportive, & solution focused-people who I genuinely enjoy being around. Being able to help position our customers for success, with a product I’m confident will change how marketers utilize data, is both fulfilling & exciting!”

Alex Whitney, Customer Success

Voted Best Small Company to Work at in Boston

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