Connecting Online & Offline Data Sources

Brands with offline data, such as transactional data from a brick & mortar location and an ecommerce channel often face a massive challenge. How do they connect and utilize the different data that each of these experiences create?

Zaius activated CDP gives brands the ability to stitch together data across multiple touchpoints for a complete view of the customer journey and gives brands the ability to customize audience segments with confidence and easily execute campaigns.

"It’s an email marketing/marketing automation platform plus a customer data platform, which was great. We were running those things separately and we were having trouble getting them integrated along with our POS data and then all of our business data, including our advertising and website data. Zaius made that very easy and they were there every step of the way to help us through the process."


Gain Deeper Insights into the Customer Journey

Brands with offline data and ecommerce channels often struggle to connect data between the two experiences. With Zaius, you can easily integrate all of your data sources including your POS and ecommerce data for access to a complete view of the customer. This unified customer profile allows your brand to understand customer LTV and loyalty, quickly identify audience segments, and execute campaigns across all the channels you depend on. 

Understand Attribution

Gain a better understanding of the impact of your digital marketing efforts on in-store behavior. Whether you have both an online and offline presence or are just getting started moving more seriously online, Zaius is here to help. With Zaius you’ll have access to all the information you care about by source, including online and offline.


Quickly Create Customer Segments

Quickly create segments based on purchase and browsing behaviors of your customers both in store and online. Activate these segments across email, SMS, direct mail, social media or online advertising to personalize your content. Because Zaius links customer behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, the data available to you for segmentation and analysis is unmatched. Zaius’ flexible segment builder allows you to build any segment you can dream up. Deliver relevance with deeper segmentation.


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