Zaius B2C CRM Platform

The Zaius Approach

The Zaius CRM platform provides the visibility of a Customer Data Platform (CDP), the cross-channel campaign functionality of an Email Service Provider (ESP), and deep insights from data science. With one platform, brands seamlessly connect customer data and marketing campaigns, and gain a clear view of marketing attribution and performance. This unified approach creates customer intimacy, deepens customer loyalty and increases revenue.


Customer Data Platforms (CDP) stockpile data, but Zaius goes deeper — stitching known shoppers and anonymous visitors for a unified view of your customers.


Data is the fuel for your customer engagements. With the power of data science on your side, you can translate data into actionable insights that matter most.


CRM is more than just email — it makes cross-channel, multi-touch customer engagements a reality, from email to web to social, and more.

Powered by Customer Data

For every marketer, the first step is the data. As a best-of-breed customer data platform, Zaius unifies all your customer data, drawing on both known shoppers and anonymous visitors across marketing channels, points of sale, and devices.

Coordinated Campaigns Across Channels

With dynamic segmentation, build automated marketing campaigns across your best-performing channels. Create, test, and optimize triggered behavioral campaigns to connect your shoppers with personalized product recommendations precisely tuned to their preferences.

Your Marketing Assistant

Meet Zam, an AI-powered assistant at work inside your CRM.  Zam (sounds like Sam!) surfaces the insights you need to bring your marketing program to life. Zam proactively surfaces answers to critical questions such as, “What is the highest converting product that you’re not promoting enough?” “What segment of your customers are most likely to buy in the next 2 weeks?” Zam is here to help.

Features & Functionality

Unified Customer View

Customer-First Segmentation

Marketing Attribution & Analytics

Lifecycle Automation

Product Merchandising Insights

Predictive Audiences

Customer Engagement Likelihood

Personalized Product Recommendations

Cross-Channel Campaign Sequences