Putting the Customer In CRM

Putting the Customer at the Center of Your Brand is Your Business. Assisting You is Ours.

The Zaius CRM platform provides the visibility into your customers that you’ve been longing for, by collecting and stitching together all customer interactions, both known and anonymous. Think of it as a Customer Data Platform (CDP),  but without the overhead and months of deployment. With one platform, brands seamlessly connect customer data and marketing campaigns, gaining a clear view of marketing attribution and performance.

Complete Customer Profile

The customer profile is your window into your brand’s relationship with each and every individual buyer. Draw on all your data to see the true picture of your shopper, unified across every touchpoint and interaction.

Identity Resolution

Built-in identity resolution stitches together customer data, so you know an anonymous site visitor is actually a known, loyal shopper. With this data, you can amplify the reach of behavioral campaigns and increase content relevance with every message.

Native Integrations

Native integrations with the leading ecommerce platforms and marketing solutions provide key shopper events, including purchase information, website behavior, and social media interactions. Combined, that data unlocks unique behavioral campaigns and enhances visibility into your marketing programs.

Ready to Better Understand Your Buyers?

Analyze Your Performance from Any Perspective

Move beyond static reports into dynamic, shopper-centric analysis. Our hallmark Customer Lifecycle Report provides a clear, concise, and comprehensive view of your business health, focused specifically on your shoppers. Know more about buyers throughout their journey and boost your campaign performance.