The Company

Cellular Outfitter is an ecommerce retailer of mobile accessories like cell phone cases and chargers. With more than four million customers, Cellular Outfitter sells thousands of factory-direct mobile accessories for brands like Apple, Samsung, Motorola, HTC, and LG—all at wholesale prices.

The Challenge

The Cellular Outfitter team had already built a powerful customer acquisition engine, but in order to continue scaling the business, they needed to strengthen customer relationships and drive more repeat purchases. Unfortunately, the marketing technology they depended on was limiting. They were unable to engage customers in real-time and relied on two separate systems to execute promotional campaigns and behavioral campaigns like welcome series and cart abandonment recovery. This led to uncoordinated messages and, ultimately, higher unsubscribe rates. Because their primary platform could not track or leverage anything beyond the most basic behavioral data, the team had a limited ability to segment and personalize campaigns.

The Solution

Cellular Outfitter needed a solution that could use a wealth of behavioral data to power targeted, personalized campaigns. They chose Zaius as their marketing platform because it empowered them to:

  • Consolidate marketing systems to better coordinate customer communications and reduce unsubscribe rates
  • Segment customers to increase relevance of their messages and reduce dependency on a legacy recommendations engine
  • Personalize campaigns based on a comprehensive history of each individual’s browsing and purchasing behaviors
  • Optimize advertising spend using attribution to understand the ROI of retargeting existing customers versus acquiring new customers

The Results

It wasn’t long before the Cellular Outfitter team began to see results. Armed with a better understanding of how and why their customers shop, as well as the ability to segment customers and personalize their email campaigns, Cellular Outfitter increased their revenue per send by 33 percent.

“Zaius allows us to communicate with customers on a more personal level, which dramatically improves the effectiveness of our email campaigns,” said Cellular Outfitter’s Director of Marketing Kenny Smithnanic.

Cellular Outfitter’s intelligent targeting and dynamic, personalized content has had a massive impact on the effectiveness of their content and is driving real revenue from existing customers. As they continue to add new campaigns and optimize existing campaigns, they’re looking forward to extending the success of personalization to top- of-funnel campaigns.


“Zaius allows us to communicate with customers on a more personal level, which dramatically improves the effectiveness of our email campaigns.”

Kenny Smithnanic,

Director of Marketing, Cellular Outfitter