Relevance Drives Revenue

Zaius creates the clearest path to higher LTV by building the clearest view of your customers you’ve ever had.   Zaius stitches together customer interactions from any platform in your tech stack (even custom built), creates a true unified customer profile, and activates it across every channel you depend on for marketing, service, and merchandising.


stitch together disparate data

Zaius stitches together all the customer data you already have at your disposal. The output is full visibility into each and every customer, their history with your brand, and a true understanding of your shoppers’ journey.

Uncover Key Insights

Zaius creates a predictive model based on all of your data to surface behaviors and predictions you never knew were there. These insights tell you which customers will purchase next, the products that could use marketing love, and pinpoint who is ready to increase their order. It’s supercharged segmentation.

Activate Campaigns

Armed with customer visibility and finely-tuned behavioral segments Zaius now allows you to build and deploy all your marketing campaigns, integrate into the marketing system of your choice, or integrate with other experience solutions such as service, loyalty, commerce, and more.

What Our Customers Have To Say​

"It’s an email marketing/marketing automation platform plus a customer data platform, which was great. We were running those things separately and we were having trouble getting them integrated along with our POS data and then all of our business data, including our advertising and website data. Zaius made that very easy and they were there every step of the way to help us through the process."