The 10 Best Cyber Monday Emails of 2017

Every year, we eagerly await the arrival of the most unique of all days in ecommerce: Cyber Monday.

Cyber Monday has become a huge deal for ecommerce brands everywhere, and this year, consumers broke online shopping records, with spending projected to hit $6.59 billion — the largest ever online sum for a US shopping day.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that so many brands focus a huge chunk of their resources on creating great email marketing for Cyber Monday. While it’s too late to change how you approached Cyber Monday this year, you should already be thinking about how to improve on your results next year. As ecommerce marketers, it’s important to always keep your finger on the pulse of the latest marketing trends.

That’s why we collected 10 of our favorite Cyber Monday emails from a variety of ecommerce brands, both small and large. Here’s why we like them, why they’re effective emails, and how they can inspire your Cyber Monday emails in the future.

1. Laughing along with Cyber Monday

Let’s be real: the fact that we still call this shopping holiday “Cyber” Monday is pretty funny. People haven’t called things “cyber” anything since the early 2000s. And yet, the name has stuck and we can’t seem to shake it. That’s exactly why this email from Feat is so amusing.


Featuring a flashback of a desktop computer, this email pokes a little fun at the idea of Cyber Monday while still offering a great deal to customers. When you click on the offer, you’re taken to a matching landing page that keeps the early internet theme going. It’s funny, eye-catching, and effective — all at once.

2. Personalized for true fans

Personalization is a priority for many ecommerce marketers this holiday season, and emails that take advantage of that tactic are especially powerful. Rather than just sending out the same email to every single person in your database, this example from Fanatics shows exactly how powerful personalization can be.


The recipient of this email is clearly a Red Sox fan, and so the “Picks just for you…” are all personalized for the buyer’s interests. Just imagine if Fanatics hadn’t personalized this message, and instead send out an email with *GASP* a Yankees jersey? It could have been a disaster. But because the email is personalized, it is an incredibly compelling offer.

3. Reward your repeat customers

This email from Glam Seamless clearly spells it out for their buyers: if you buy more, you earn more rewards. Rather than just offering a straight discount to customers, they offer the opportunity to earn a valuable gift card based on how much they buy.


This offer not only drives revenue on Cyber Monday, but increases the likelihood of a repeat purchase in the future because buyers earn a gift card to spend at Glam Seamless. It’s a great twist on a traditional discount email, and is very clear. If you spend more, you get more — it’s as simple as that, and customers always appreciate when an offer is easy to understand.

4. Get a surprise deal

Buyers love surprises — especially surprises that could be a huge discount. For the gamblers among us, this offer from is fantastic. All you have to do is enter your email to find out what discount you get, up to 99% off.


This type of “surprise” offer is incredibly enticing to buyers who enjoy a little risk with their online shopping. It’s also is a great way to build up your email list, since buyers have to enter their email in order to see the offer. Your customers will love the excitement of the surprise, and you’ll love how easily it helps drive conversions.

5. Understand customer behavior perfectly

This email from DoorDash shows exactly how a deep understanding of your buyer behavior is key to creating a great email. You wouldn’t always think of Cyber Monday as a great fit for offering a deal on takeout. But clearly, you have to think more creatively.


This email shows that DoorDash perfectly understands that by the Monday after Thanksgiving, most people are a little tired of their turkey leftovers. It’s the perfect time to offer them a great option for delivery at home instead, from their favorite delivery service.

6. Celebrate your style

This bright and fun email from Wildfang celebrates the whole idea of Cyber Monday with a great discount for buyers. With a bold style that fits the brand, this email has creative that really catches the reader’s eye.


This email works in part because Wildfang is such a quirky brand. The bright colors, the “oh-so-rad” copy, and the outfit the model is wearing all reenforce it. This email perfectly fits in with the style of their clothing the brand is selling.

7. Have fun with copy

You know your audience best, and so you should make sure your emails appeal to them. This email from Katie Dean Jewelry is a great example because it uses creative copy to appeal to jewelry fans.


What jewelry lover doesn’t want to sparkle for less? The colors, the simple design, and the clear CTA are all powerful reasons for a buyer to click. For customers who love the brand, they don’t even need to see the product up close. They know exactly what they want to buy — and only a strong ecommerce brand can pull this off.

8. Be a little quirky

A lot of the brands on this list clearly had some fun with their Cyber Monday promotions, and Zazzle is no exception. This fun, alien-themed email stands out from a lot of the more generic promotional emails sent out by bigger brands.


The illustration of an alien in a Santa hat is cute, and the copy matches the image perfectly. If you’re thinking about buying some custom printed products, this may very well convince you to convert. Never underestimate the power of a little creativity to convince your buyers to click.

9. Play with the promo code

When it comes to email, everything is copy. Just because everyone else has an offer code like CyberMonday17, doesn’t mean you have to do the same. This email from The Honest Company is great because it takes advantage of this concept.


This email focuses on the excitement of the sale, with even the promotion code saying “OHYEAH”! It’s a fairly simple offer otherwise, but the small touches like that are what make the difference between an OK email, and a great one.

10. Opting out of the sales

Sometimes it pays to subvert your buyers’ expectations. Instead of sending out an email offering a discount or free shipping, Everlane used Cyber Monday as an opportunity to explore their radically transparent pricing practices.


Part of the brand values of Everlane is showing exactly how much their product costs to make, what they sell it for, and what it would sell for at retail. This Cyber Monday non-sale is perfectly in line with the brand values. It’s a very different way to approach this day, but is just another creative way to think about promotional emails.

Each of these Cyber Monday emails outlines a slightly different ecommerce marketing strategy. It depends on your brand and values, but hopefully this list of great emails helped you brainstorm a few more ideas for next year. With the right inspiration, you can keep improving your email marketing each and every year.

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