How PlasticPlace Conquered the Replenishment Campaign

When your ecommerce buyers run out of your fantastic products, they generally want more. If your brand sells products that are “consumable” or need to be replaced on a regular basis, replenishment campaigns are your new best friend. These email marketing campaigns are the best way to encourage repeat purchases, while also being in tune… View More

How Manillo Used Zaius to Double Their Repeat Purchase Rate

Most ecommerce marketers know that on average, 80% of your sales will come from 20% of your customers. This means it’s not only critical to make sure your shoppers have a positive and memorable experience with your brand, but that you need to actively drive repeat purchases as early as possible – so you can… View More

How Razorgator Increased AOV With Segmentation and Dynamic Content

A customer’s average order value – or AOV – is a critical input to their eventual lifetime value. It goes without saying that the more your shopper spends per purchase, the more likely you are to make up the costs of acquiring that customer with an eventually high lifetime value. The key is to make… View More

Purchase Attribution: Taking Marketing Attribution Beyond Channels

When marketers think about attribution, they most often do so in terms of channel performance – how the channel is performing relative to itself, and how much revenue it generates. There are a few key problems with this mindset, namely: 1. Measuring the effectiveness of each channel relative to itself means you’re limited to channel-specific… View More

5 Tips For Post-Second Purchase Loyalty Campaigns

Too many B2C marketers will nurture shoppers up to the point they make their first purchase, then pat themselves on the back and stop engaging with them. But your job is by no means done just because a customer bought once. If anything, marketers need to double down and get one-time buyers to a second… View More

How to Deliver Real-Time Browse Abandonment

Unfortunately, browse abandonment campaigns aren’t as popular among marketers as cart abandonment campaigns. Though the majority of retailers will send some sort of “Did You Forget Something?” campaign when a shopper leaves an item in a cart, few will do anything similar when a customer abandons a browsing session. And this is a pity, because… View More

WHITEPAPER: What Comes After The ESP For Ecommerce?

Most businesses have resorted to using their ESP as their central marketing platform and customer system of record. But ESPs were designed from the ground up to only send and report on email marketing. It’s time for marketers to graduate to the next step in ecommerce marketing technology: B2C CRM. View More

The Dos and Don’ts of Cross-Category Upsell Campaigns

Many marketers don’t consider a customer truly loyal until they’ve not only made several purchases with a brand, but have bought a range of items from several different categories. It’s the difference between being loyal to a product (i.e. buying several pairs of pants from the same retailer) and being loyal to a brand. Cross-category… View More

When Push is Better Than Email

It’s no secret that the vast majority of ecommerce retailers use email as their primary method of communication with shoppers – many do so exclusively. But while email is generally reliable, its biggest flaw is its inability to be delivered in “real real-time.” However timely the delivery of an email campaign, it’s still ultimately up… View More

Doubling Down on Growth, Welcoming Adriana Zeman to the Team

We’re thrilled to announce that Zaius has closed an additional $6.5 million as part of our previous round of funding. The investment was led by Underscore VC, with participation from Matrix Partners and Leaders Fund. We’re focusing the additional funds on product development so that we can continue to lead the market by changing the… View More