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2020 Year in Review of Zaius Product Releases

2020 will go down as one of the most disruptive years for humankind as we’ve had to adjust the way we work and go about our day-to-day lives. Over the past 10 months, we’ve witnessed people in our personal and professional lives tackle challenges, big and small, that arose from the unexpected events of 2020. We’ve seen many of our clients be nimble and adjust to the changes throughout each quarter. As a product, and as an organization, Zaius has evolved in so many ways to assist our clients and anticipate their needs during this unforgettable year. We’re tipping our hats to our clients who persevered and highlight some of the most significant changes in our Activated CDP and maybe throw a hint or two in for what to expect in 2021!

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

product directory

The foundation of all CDPs should be data processing and accessibility so it can be easily activated to any system on which a brand relies, whether it is for marketing, customer service, or merchandising. In 2020, we exposed our GraphQL and APIs to all clients to enable new real-time data access. Clients first experienced how GraphQL can unlock new use cases with the new Customer Profiles we launched at the end of 2019 and early 2020. GraphQL is also powering our Product Directory feature we launched in the Fall.

Data Science

churn prevention and winback model

Working in ecommerce, you know it is cheaper to retain customers than acquiring new ones. But do you know how to retain them? This Spring, we launched our Churn Prevention model and recipe to enable marketers to know when and how to retain their customers. Hundreds of marketers have taken advantage of our unique churn prevention models and have seen 2X lift in engagement and a 4.4X lift in post-exposure conversion.

Marketing Automation

Our most important goal as an Activated CDP is to enable activations across any channel marketers need to reach their customers. At Zaius, we have supported email campaigns and segment syncs with Google and Facebook for many years, but this year, we took data activation to new heights.  

SMS personalization and preview

First, in early Spring, we launched SMS and MMSOur solution for SMS and MMS lets marketers get started right away, with their own unique number and enables dynamic content (text and images) in any message. There is an infinite number of campaigns marketers can run via SMS, and the ROI we’ve seen from SMS is outstanding.

Second, we launched new channels for Direct Mail via Poplar and a partnership with Criteo that enables marketers to advertise on their platform using Zaius-powered insights and observations.

And what would all these great channels be without recipes? We’ve implemented dozens of pre-built recipes so you can launch your campaigns in minutes, regardless of channel, with a single mouse click.

Complementing all these new channels has produced a brand new set of campaign reports that assist marketers in understanding deliverability, campaign performance, and products purchased attributed to campaigns.  We’ll have even more reports coming in the new year.

APIs and Integrations

Coming into 2020, Zaius supported dozens of integrations for ecommerce platforms, a few ESPs, and lead capture solutions. Installing the integrations were cumbersome and not always intuitive. In the second half of 2019, we set out to fix this problem and, in early 2020, launched a new integration platform that makes building integrations a snap. The benefits of installing these integrations come instantaneously for marketers. The integration platform enables each integration to come with recipes that make it easy to get started right away.

We have also launched dozens of new integrations. Some of our new data integrations include loyalty programs, such as LoyaltyLion and We built integrations to help marketers monetize their blog content and created a new way for marketers to increase revenue from search activity happening on their site with Klevu.

For outbound integrations, we wanted to make data activation as easy as possible. For marketers, we created new experiences with Criteo and Poplar.  For our service-led retail program, we launched an integration with Gorgias  to complement our Zendesk app and integration. The Gorgias app enables customer service teams to see the complete customer journey and profile to provide best-in-class service.

If there is one constant, it is that marketers’ needs are ever evolving. 2020 showed that Zaius was up to the task in keeping up with the needs of marketers though this chaotic year. Like many others, we are looking forward to moving on from 2020 and into the new year. We are ready to bring our clients new and exciting ways to launch campaigns, connect additional apps, create reports, and learn from insights and observation.

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