A Cure for Webinar Ghosting: The Assist

We all do it: an email pops up in your inbox for a compelling webinar.

The topic is spot on and completely relevant to a marketing subject you’re interested in, so you register. You add it to your calendar and fully intend to go.

Then, a week or so later when the reminder pops up to attend, you struggle to remember why you registered. And unfortunately, something more urgent came up and you decide to skip it.

Unfortunately, webinar hosting has given way to webinar ghosting. Nearly 75% of registrations go this way. Maybe you make it back to view the webinar recording later, but probably not.

At Zaius, we’re here to assist you and provide a cure for webinar ghosting. See what you like and stream it, right away. No wait. No forms. The content you need right now, ready to watch when you need it.

That’s why we created our latest show: The Assist.

The Assist is the show-don’t-tell show. Each episode, we highlight an opportunity or challenge in marketing today and show you how to achieve or beat it. And, we’ll do it all in about 20 minutes. (That’s 13 minutes if you are on 1.5x playback speed.)

This first episode of The Assist focuses on putting Zam, your marketing assistant, to work for you. How meta – an assist about an assistant. In it, Trish and Molly (and thanks to Kadyrose for her assist, too) from our crack Customer Success team share five ways Zam can help your team, including:

  • Behavioral targeting
  • Segment sync into social
  • A set of hero-making reports
  • …and more

We even added in a game at the end to take sides on some of the hot debates in marketing today. You can catch that episode right here.  

We’ll continue to drop new episodes of The Assist monthly. And, I’d love to hear from you — reach out to us on Twitter @getzaius and let us know what you’re looking to learn about.

Enjoy the show!

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