The Empowered Marketer: Brands at the Forefront of Ecommerce

  What’s coming next in ecommerce? Aaron Orendorff is uniquely positioned to say. As the Editor in Chief for Shopify Plus, Aaron has deep insights into the rapidly changing world of ecommerce — especially how new brands are building audiences of loyal and engaged customers. He’s keeping an eye on everything from augmented reality to… View More

6 Valuable Lessons from Etail East 2018

This week, thousands of retailers converged on Boston for Etail East 2018 to network and learn about everything on the cutting edge of ecommerce. With so much going on in our backyard, we obviously had to be a part of it. After going to tons of sessions and taking pages and pages of notes, we’re… View More

The Empowered Marketer: Power Customer Acquisition the Smart Way

  It’s not easy to optimize. As marketers, we’re constantly A/B testing every little thing. Add an emoji to that subject line, make that ad copy a bit punchier, and try switching the website CTA to orange instead of blue. But growing your customer base takes far more than an effective A/B test. You have… View More

The Empowered Marketer: What B2C Brands Can Learn from B2B Marketing

  What’s your favorite ecommerce blog right now? Shopify? BigCommerce? Maybe Zaius? If you’re looking to learn about trends in the industry, new marketing tactics, and the newest ideas to drive results, that’s likely where you turn. But why is that content so interesting to you? The very best blogs catch and keep our attention… View More

The Empowered Marketer: How Millennials are Shaping Ecommerce

  If you’re exhausted after years of constant trend stories about Millenials, you’re not alone. Millenials are Killing Diamonds! Millenials are Killing Cars! And now that Gen Z is almost of age, the trend stories for that generation are starting up too. It may be tiring, but for B2C brands that sell products to that… View More

WHITEPAPER: What Comes After The ESP For Ecommerce?

Most businesses have resorted to using their ESP as their central marketing platform and customer system of record. But ESPs were designed from the ground up to only send and report on email marketing. It’s time for marketers to graduate to the next step in ecommerce marketing technology: B2C CRM. View More

Why Digital-Native Brands Are Moving In-Store

In the retail industry, 2017 was a record year — but unfortunately not for a reason we should celebrate. More stores closed in the US in that period of 12 months than any other year on record. Last year’s closures even managed to beat the previous record of 6,163 store closings in 2008 — mid-financial… View More

The Empowered Marketer: No Quick Fixes for Content in Ecommerce

  Content is one of the most underutilized marketing tactics in B2C and ecommerce today — but that’s changing quickly. More and more marketers are realizing that by creating great content that ranks on Google for specific and relevant terms, they can attract a constant stream of qualified traffic to their ecommerce site — for… View More

QUIZ: Are You Ready for Omnichannel Ecommerce?

    Today’s ecommerce buyers are all over the place online — reading emails, liking posts on social, browsing ecommerce sites, scrolling for products on Amazon, and much more. But is your brand on every platform and channel that your buyers are? You most likely have a few active social channels, a great ecommerce site,… View More