Being More Customer-Centric With Trends and Data in Targeted Marketing

In July 2016, Zaius CTO Spencer Pingry contributed a piece to CIO Review about how marketers can capitalize on current trends in targeted marketing and data collection. In the piece, Pingry discusses how the sheer number of solutions available to marketers (nearly four thousand different vendors in 2016) is making it increasingly difficult to unify and act on behavioral data. In fact, many marketers struggle with fragmented and disconnected data, and it becomes tricky to stitch together all that data into a cohesive image of each customer. According to Pingry, “Our understanding of customer behaviors and attributes must be as holistic as possible.”

If customer actions across web, mobile, email, and other channels aren’t all stitched together into one cohesive image of the customer, it becomes impossible to deliver the kind of contextually-relevant campaigns and content that each user needs to see in order to progress along the lifecycle. Your customers are using different devices at different checkpoints in their engagement journey, and marketers need to be able to source insights about customer behaviors every step. And when data is fragmented, it’s difficult for marketers to immediately understand what the best methods of retargeting are for each unique customer at different points in the customer journey.

As Pingry points out, it’s critical that marketers unify data across multiple channels, devices, and touchpoints, in order to be able to better measure the metrics that truly matter with regards to maximizing customer lifetime value (for example, average order value and purchase frequency instead of click-throughs and open rates). While there will always be countless marketing solutions to attempt to make sense of, the best way to unify all this data is with a single solution that can capture customer data in real-time, and store it all in a single location for the most complete image of each customer. As Pingry says, “… solutions that do not embrace the [marketing] ecosystem are doing a disservice to their customers by stifling innovation in the landscape, productivity of the marketer, and experience for the end customers.”

To read the full article, click here – and to learn about how marketers can optimize their targeted marketing efforts and maximize customer lifetime value with a B2C CRM, visit our website or reach out to us directly at or at 877-658-2570.

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