Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 report

What BFCM 2018 Taught Us About Ecommerce Customer Behavior

Still trying to recover from the adrenaline rush that was BFCM (Black Friday/Cyber Monday)? Luckily, we have just the thing to fill that void—a brand new ecommerce report detailing everything that went down on the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

You’ve probably seen some of the bigger BFCM headlines touting how shopper turnout reached record levels this year, or how many shoppers turned to mobile to make their purchases.

But what about the more granular, in-the-marketing-weeds takeaways that don’t get as much press? Glad you asked! We pulled data from hundreds of Zaius customers to compile into one can’t-miss report that will have every ecommerce marketer sitting up and taking notes.  

In this report, you’ll get access to new data on some of the topics that matter most to your ecommerce brand, including:

  • Why repeat purchasers are the bread and butter of your loyal customer base
  • Why discounts aren’t as important to BFCM sales as you might think
  • How BFCM shoppers are making their purchasing decisions with intent

Based on these findings, we put on our analyzing hats to look at the trends, patterns, and parallels that can show you how your brand stacks up to the industry standard.

Check out the report now to get all of the latest stats, graphs, and insights you need to fuel your marketing growth into the new year and beyond.


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