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Commerce and Marketing: The Connection is Made

Marketing and commerce are two complex roles that are closely related, but very different. When you boil it down to the most simplified view, marketing exists to deliver traffic, while commerce is focused on converting that traffic.

However, the real magic is in the connection between commerce and marketing — and that connection centers on the customer. 

Does marketing know about the customer’s browsing activity and use it to re-engage shoppers with relevance? Does commerce pick up that interaction and continue to serve relevance throughout the entire journey? 

With 67% of known shoppers having never made a purchase, the aim is clear: use customer intelligence to turn browsers into buyers. 

The challenge, of course, is making sure that the raw material of customer intelligence is accessible across your organization — from commerce to marketing — and that you can turn that data into relevant interactions. 

Magento and Zaius: A Dream Combination

While uttering the word ‘integration’ causes a collective shutter across IT, marketing, and commerce teams, connecting your commerce and marketing data is the centerpiece of your go-to customer strategy. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to officially join the Magento ecosystem to streamline the connection between marketing and commerce. While we’ve been working with world-class brands on Magento for years — more than 50 merchants and counting — we’ve formalized our partnership and built a true commerce and CRM connection

Now, brands working with Magento and Zaius enjoy easy access to the critical commerce data sources: 

  • Site Activity (including that anonymous browsing activity)
  • Order History
  • Customer History
  • Product Catalog
  • Coupon Codes 

Combining these data sources with your brand-specific sources (think guided selling apps, POS, loyalty, and more), the power of customer intelligence is at your fingertips to create and deliver relevance in every interaction. 

We’ve even set up a series of ready-to-grow campaigns to accelerate your path to relevant interactions, and integrated discount affinity to help you make the right offer (or none at all!).

At Zaius, we’re focused on assisting brands to deliver relevance at every interaction. With an ever-expanding list of technology and data partnerships, we’re taking the effort out of integrating, freeing you up to deepen your customer relationships. 

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