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INFOGRAPHIC: How Marketers Plan to Analyze, Buy, and Use Tech in 2019

When it comes down to it, our lives as marketers revolve around technology.

Building new email flows, optimizing our next campaign across channels, acquiring the next customer—all are dependent on finding the perfect tool that enables us to do our job efficiently.

To add to this pressure, it’s also part of our jobs to stay on top of the latest tech that might be more effective—both in terms of productivity and cost—than the platforms we’re currently using.

We were curious to see how this emphasis on the ever-changing technology landscape impacts marketers’ roles today. So we asked hundreds of B2C marketers to give us their first-hand accounts of how tech plays into their day-to-day work.

While it’s assumed that marketers have to own their role as technology experts, these survey responses solidify just how much tech has become central to marketers’ daily jobs.

As budgets shift and teams consolidate tools, marketers are sometimes left scrambling to stay on top of their day-to-day role and also keep on the cutting edge of new tech.

In this infographic, we highlight those challenges while also showing how B2C marketers can stay ahead of the technology game. Check out the full infographic to view the category breakdowns and see how you stack up against other marketers, including:

  • What’s the most important determining factor when you’re evaluating new marketing technology?
  • How many different marketing technologies/platforms are you currently using?
  • Over the past five years, how much has your company’s marketing technology budget increased?

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