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Introducing Webforms and Preference Centers from Zaius


Zaius Web Modals

Pop-ups may not be everyone’s favorite, but marketers know they work for acquiring new emails. This is exactly why Zaius now offers webforms for email signups, exit intent campaigns, and more. With all the power of the intuitive Zaius Engagement Designer (ZED), you can build, design, and configure every type of webform in your brand colors, fonts, and more. Even better, you don’t even have to ask a developer for help!

You can even customize your pop-ups based on time delay, scroll percentage, and even only show them once to the same site visitor. It makes for a great, and customizable experience on your site.

Zaius Preference Centers

Once you snag a new email, you can now offer your customers complete control over how they communicate with you. With the same Zaius Engagement Designer (ZED), you can build a preference center in your brand colors, with all the options your buyers are asking for.

You can build, design, and configure preference centers so your customers can manage subscriptions across email, push, and more with ease. And just like forms, there’s no developer support required. You’ll be GDPR compliant, consumer-friendly AND stylish.

With both of our newest features, you get:

  • Single, easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor
  • No developer support required  
  • Completely customizable designs

Want on-brand, customizable webforms and preference centers for your customers?

Get a demo of Zaius today!

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