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Marketing Unboxed: MVMT Proves Timing Is Everything

A broken clock might be right twice a day. But when it comes to marketing, leaving your strategy to chance isn’t going to cut it. That’s why we started Marketing Unboxed in the first place—to shed light on brands doing intentional, innovative marketing.

Naturally, we had high expectations when we ordered a new watch from MVMT, the hip company that’s made a name for itself by catering to Instagram-influenced fashion buyers.

But will that be enough to impress us? Check out the full episode for our verdict!

✨Fancy the MVMT watch we featured in this video? Enter your email address within the video or below, and it might find its way onto your wrist!  ✨

🛒 Cart Abandonment

We admit it: we’ve become a bit bored with the typical cadence of cart abandonment emails, effective as they can be. So it was really nice to see MVMT add some variety to their approach.

As part of the checkout process, we were given the option to link our Facebook account to get notifications about our order. Sure enough, a few hours after abandoning our cart, up popped a Facebook message from MVMT that nudged us to take advantage of their current sale. Success!

mvmt marketing unboxed

🎯 Retargeting

They may not place much of an emphasis on email nurturing, but it was MVMT’s retargeting strategy that had us applauding. We saw ads pretty much everywhere we went online, with their most ubiquitous being Facebook carousel ads.

mvmt marketing unboxed

Sure, they might not be the most creative ads, but they’re still in line with the style of MVMT’s overall branding — so points for consistency.

🤝 Customer Service

When we encountered an issue with an incorrect tracking number, we reached out to MVMT’s support team to see how they could help. Thankfully, the brand makes it easy to get in touch with an actual human via email, live chat, or phone.

Another plus? They offered to expedite our shipment if we hadn’t received it by a certain date. Talk about being treated like a valued customer for our first order!

🎁 Packaging

Much like their ads, MVMT’s packaging is fairly minimalist. When we opened our box, the first thing we saw was the familiar typeface and logo we had gotten to know throughout our customer journey.

mvmt marketing unboxed

We also found a personalized letter from their founders, along with a few other print inserts, including a referral coupon and information about their other products. As for the watch, it was neatly nestled against a velvet backing. Again, nothing flashy, but still on-brand.

📦 Wrapping It Up

In spite of the lack of nurturing emails we received, we loved seeing how on top of their retargeting game MVMT was. Plus, their creative approach to cart abandonment set a high bar for other ecommerce brands’ strategies.

Next time we have a hankering for a new watch, we’ll just be hoping to see more creative “oomph” in their marketing.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌1/2 out of 5


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