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Marketing Unboxed: Soko Shines with a Winning Strategy

With more people realizing the harmful impacts of fast fashion, ethical fashion brands have emerged as an exciting new category in ecommerce.

And jewelry brand, Soko, makes ethical fashion look gorgeous. A favorite of both Oprah and Michelle Obama, this brand is seriously polished. But is their marketing as impressive as the women wearing their jewelry?

To find out, we ordered a stylish pair of earrings, hand-made out of ethically sourced horn and brass by Kenyan artisans. We followed along to learn how Soko engages buyers from the first interaction, and beyond.

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As a women-founded company with a strong social mission, storytelling is key in conveying the brand’s values. And when we visited Soko’s site, we were impressed with the content. They have a whole page dedicated to what makes Soko different: their transparent supply chain, how they empower artisans via a mobile phone, and more.

They also smartly feature PR wins of celebrities and influencers wearing their products on the covers of top magazines. But while we absolutely love the brand story, the videos featured could be better. Soko is missing out on a huge opportunity to share the personal stories of some of the artisans creating the jewelry, for example.

📱 On-site experience

As we added the earrings to our cart, the clean and minimalist site experience perfectly matched the style of their products. Soko’s site makes it easy to add products to a cart, save your favorites, be added to a waitlist for sold out products, refer a friend, and more.

The experience is also personalized with suggested products you may like based on your browsing history, which always convert well.

🛍 Instagram shopping

Soko is also one of the lucky few brands to have access to Instagram’s new shopping features. You can actually click on products featured within individual posts and buy them directly. This feature is a huge win for ecommerce brands, especially those going after the coveted Millennial demographic.

However, unless we missed it, it doesn’t seem like Soko invested much in paid ads on social platforms. While it may save the brand money, this is a huge miss!

📦 Wrapping It Up

While Soko’s video content was a bit lacking and they have a minimal paid ad strategy, this brand is clearly not just a flash in the pan. With a fantastic on-site experience and great storytelling on every platform, they’ve built a strong brand with even stronger core values. In sum, Soko is really close to perfect.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 out of 5

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