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Marketing Unboxed: UNTUCKit’s Marketing Keeps it Sharp

In a world awash in generic menswear, UNTUCKit focuses on a simple concept: a dress shirt that looks good untucked.

And men everywhere responded. The ecommerce brand blew up in the past few years, raising $30 million dollars from Kleiner Perkins. But while UNTUCKit is clearly a VC-powered phenomenon, how sharp is their marketing?

To find out, we ordered a classic white polo to get a feel for the brand’s style. Here’s what we learned along the customer journey from the first click to the last.

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👀 Site Experience

As a brand, UNTUCKit is all about making fashion easy and approachable. And this is reflected across their smooth site experience.UNTUCKit does a fantastic job of showing buyers the value of their products in a clear and simple way. We love this slider that perfectly illustrates how stylish their shirts look compared to a traditional-cut men’s shirt.

UNTUCKit also offers a fit guide for guys who aren’t sure which size they should order online. This is a great call for an ecommerce brand, since it makes the ordering experience easier and should minimize returns.

📧 Email Marketing

We got a classic welcome email, followed quickly by a smartly personalized cart abandonment email featuring the exact polo we added to our cart. But the emails didn’t slow down after these strong initial messages.

While the content was consistently great, UNTUCKit sent us two emails a day — which is a bit much. They did eventually slow down the cadence slightly, but continued to send near daily promotional emails.

🏬 In-Store Experience

While we felt confident enough in our shirt selection to make our purchase online, not everyone does. Uncertainty about sizing is why UNTUCKit is yet another digitally native vertical brand that’s made the jump to in-store shopping.

With 60 locations around the US and Canada and a plan to open 100 stores by 2020, the brand again shows their commitment to making your life easier as a shopper.  

📦 Wrapping It Up

UNTUCKit’s marketing strategy was fairly seamless across channels. Our only real critique was that they send a few too many emails to new customers. We really loved their site experience and commitment to experiential marketing.

Rating: 🙌🙌🙌🙌 out of 5

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