Point Line Trend

Point Line Trend on… Window Shoppers

So much attention and spend is put towards attracting net new shoppers (you’re welcome $FB and $GOOG). At the same time, customer loyalty grabs whitepaper headlines and dominates trade show breakout session discussions. But there is an all-too-overlooked group of shoppers that promises immediate impact. And you already know them. 

Every brand has a significant group of active non-buyers: a group of shoppers that are showing strong intent with your brand by viewing multiple products, adding some to cart, and the like, but has yet to buy.

This small, but mighty group are massive content consumers. While accounting for under 2% of your visits, they consume 11% of your total PDP views; more PDP views than all of your buyers COMBINED. So what’s stopping them from buying? That’s the tricky part.

Hannah Jarrett of True Fit joins Point Line Trend to share a few important considerations when engaging these active non-buyers, and how to convert them into your newest buyers. 

Watch Point Line Trend:

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