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Now, we look at segmentation in a far more comprehensive way due to the technology and data capabilities that Zaius provides.

Laur Fiatoa

Senior Growth Marketing Manager, Helix Sleep

How Helix Sleep Curates Relevant Site Behavior with Zaius

The question is, how can companies take all that activity and make relevant engagement happen, even if they haven’t yet made a purchase? That’s where the Zaius platform has been incredibly powerful for Helix Sleep.

Strut This Uses Relevance to Attract and Convert Shoppers

With Zaius, Strut This has been able to build out lifecycle relevance, merchandising relevance, and cross-channel relevance with highly-targeted campaigns that resonate with customers. 

From Batch-and-Blast to Personalized Lifecycle Marketing

Stio chose Zaius as their marketing platform because it empowers them to engage customers differently based on the exact stage of their customer lifecycle today.

Tea Forté Steeps 20X ROI and 25% Increase in CLTV Using Zaius

After partnering with Zaius, Tea Forté gained a deeper understanding of its customers by centralizing all customer, order, and product data in one place. 

Why Zaius was the Sound Choice for Audiogon

Thanks to Zaius’ customer lifecycle dashboard, the team at Audiogon can better understand performance indicators at a glance. Instead of building dashboards like he’s had to in the past, now Roberson can easily identify increases in at-risk and churned customers month-over-month. 

Linksoul Automates Revenue with Omnichannel Campaigns

“As a data-driven organization, we love having the ability to drill down into an individual customer profile, see all of their touchpoints across devices, and understand which touchpoint led to a sale,” said McGregor Button, VP Marketing at Linksoul. 

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