The Assist is the show-don’t-tell show

In each episode of The Assist, we’ll dive-deep and demonstrate real-life opportunities to deepen your customer relationships. And, you’ll have it all in under 20 minutes, no lines, no waiting. 

Zam at Work: How the Data Science-Fueled Marketing Assistant Drives Growth

This episode assists you to infuse data-science into your customer relationships. Zam lights the way on your path to:

  • Encourage Likely Buyers
  • Model Your Most Likely Buyers
  • Find and Re-Merchandise Products
  • Seed Your Highly Engaged Shoppers

.. and we’ve included a few impactful must-see reports, too.


Molly LaRose

Sr Customer Success Manager

Trish Yuse

Sr Customer Success Manager

Rick Kenney

VP, Industry Strategy

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