WEBINAR: Battling Amazon with a Better Customer Experience

Amazon is a fact of life for every B2C brand.

Your buyers probably have Prime, order often through the platform, and probably see Amazon’s search results before your ecommerce site even shows up. This is in part because Amazon offers a fantastic and easy buying experience for their customers. Buyers get fast shipping, great customer service, and easy checkout all in one. 

This is a real conundrum for today’s B2C marketers. You can’t ignore Amazon, and yet you can’t really beat Amazon at their own game.

Instead, you have to play an entirely different game. That’s exactly what we talked about in our webinar with BigCommerce. Tracey Wallace and I went in-depth, discussing how brands can create a powerful customer experience that will drive long-term loyalty and fight back even against the behemoth that is Amazon.



In this exclusive webinar, we covered:

  • How to focus your B2C brand
  • How you can use Amazon, not be used by Amazon
  • The importance of creating an effective ecommerce website
  • The impact of owning all brand communications
  • How you can stand out with great customer service
  • The importance of building an engaged community

Sound like it’s up your alley? Watch the webinar replay now and learn how you can build the best possible customer experience for your brand.

Watch Now

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