Flexible Packaging to Fuel your Growing Ecommerce Business


Activated Customer Data Platform

Zaius Activated CDP builds the clearest view of your customers you’ve ever had.  And with a data-science fueled layer of segmentation, analytics, and recommendations, activating these segments across your tech-stack is seamless.

Whether you have a custom-built Ecommerce platform or are using popular platforms like Shopify or Magento, integrating your customer data is simple with Zaius.

Unified Profile

  • Integration Platform Access
  • Unlimited Data Ingest
  • User Resolution
  • Consent Management
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Custom Objects / Fields

Analytics & Predictive Recommendations

  • Product Recommendations
  • Customer Lifecycle Analysis
  • Time-to-Next Purchase
  • Likelihood-to-Purchase
  • Horizon Metric Reporting
  • Event Reporting


  • Dynamic Customer Lifecycle Analysis
  • Real-Time Behavioral Segmentation

Data Activation

  • Segment Sync to Facebook + Google
  • Attribute Sync
  • API Data Export Access
  • Real-Time Customer Data Access

Each additional package below includes every feature in Activated CDP:


Increase LTV by activating your customer data across your marketing channels alongside powerful automation capabilities.

Omnichannel Campaigns

  • Email
  • App Push
  • Web Embeds & Modals
  • Preference Centers
  • Frequency Management
  • Content Creation
  • Point & Click Personalization
  • A/B Testing
  • Catalog Filters
  • Campaign Recipes
  • Saved Content Elements


Improve the shopping experience and drive more conversions with deep insights and recommendations that promote the right products to each shopper.


  • Product Opportunities
  • Product Catalog Insights & Observations


Activate your unified customer profile within your Service platforms, enabling your teams to deliver the ultimate customer experience.


  • Unified Customer Profile Access
  • Enriched Service Tickets
  • Real-Time Customer Activity Timeline
  • Proactive Product Recommendations


Snowflake Direct Access

Access your Zaius data with the raw power of SQL alongside your existing data warehouse


Expand the reach of your omni-channel campaigns with dynamic and personalized text messaging

On-Site Personalization

Enrich your web experience and shatter your conversion goals with real-time personalized content

Included with every package:

Enterprise-Grade Security

Stay secure with SSO, Two-Factor Authentication, and Role-Based Access and ensure your encrypted data is safe.

Onboarding and Customer Care

Maximize your partnership and growth with Zaius through on-boarding support, access to a team of strategic advisors through phone, chat, and email.

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