Zaius Customer Data Platform

Put The Customer At The Center Of Your Brand

See and Understand Your Customers Like Never Before

The Zaius CRM platform provides the visibility into your customers that you’ve been longing for, by collecting and stitching together all customer interactions, both known and anonymous. Think of it as a Customer Data Platform (CDP),  but without the overhead and months of deployment. With one platform, brands seamlessly connect customer data and marketing campaigns, gaining a clear view of marketing attribution and performance.

How it Works

CDP With A Purpose

Zaius is the world’s only platform to combine a Customer Data Platform (CDP) to consolidate and understand all your customer data, a layer of sophisticated analytics to segment your audiences, and finally the campaign features to deliver the ultimate in user experience in marketing, service, and commerce


It starts at the core of our SaaS-based solution, a built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) that stitches together all the customer data you already have at your disposal. The output is full visibility into each and every customer, their history with your brand and the experiences they want.


Zaius then layers in analytics that surface behaviors and predictions in order for teams to accurately segment audiences. These insights tell you which customers will purchase next, the products that could use marketing love, and pinpoint who is ready to increase their order.


Armed with customer visibility and finely-tuned behavioral segments Zaius now allows you to build and deploy all your marketing campaigns, integrate into the marketing system of your choice, or integrate with other experience solutions such as service, loyalty, commerce, and more.

Native Integrations

Native integrations with the leading ecommerce platforms and marketing solutions provide key shopper events, including purchase information, website behavior, and social media interactions. Combined, that data unlocks unique behavioral campaigns and enhances visibility into your marketing programs.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?