Move the Needle, Relentlessly

Data Science-Powered Analytics

Marketing campaign optimization doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You just need to know what you’re optimizing for, automate tests against your chosen metric, and measure your progress. Zaius’ marketing analytics features make it easier than ever to improve your campaign results and drive more customer loyalty.

Test and Iterate Quickly

We believe it’s crucial to constantly test and optimize marketing campaigns. That’s why we automate the process, so it’s easier than ever to test and optimize your creative in-campaign. Each automated test gives marketers the choice of winning criteria, test duration, and virtually unlimited content variations. Once you determine the winning variation, the rest of your audience receives the optimized creative automatically.

Maximize Reach with
Multi-Channel Campaigns

The best way to reach more customers is to communicate with them on their terms. Not every customer responds to email, but they may respond to mobile push messaging or social advertising. Zaius’ intuitive campaign execution feature makes it easy to orchestrate multi-step, multi-channel marketing campaigns. By coordinating messaging across channels, our customers have increased overall campaign performance by 30%.

Optimize Campaigns to
Drive Real Results

Zaius was built for marketers who need to maximize customer lifetime revenue — not just vanity metrics like opens, clicks and visits. Our software helps marketers understand exactly which campaigns are driving first purchases, repeat purchases, customer loyalty, average order value, and other customer-centric metrics. Zaius makes it easy to automate and optimize marketing campaigns to drive performance against those metrics.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?