Uncover new revenue opportunities


Today’s marketers need to understand why and how their customers shop. That’s why we built flexible attribution capabilities specifically for B2C marketers. We like to call it “any-to-any,” because Zaius empowers you to attribute any customer interaction to any other customer interaction, whether it’s cross-category, cross-channel, or cross-property.

Move beyond opens, clicks, and visits

Zaius was built for marketers who need to maximize customer lifetime revenue, not just activity metrics like opens, clicks and visits. Our software helps marketers understand which individual campaigns are driving first purchases, repeat purchases, customer loyalty, average order value, and other customer-centric metrics. This makes it easy to automate and optimize cross-channel campaigns to increase revenue – not just activity.

Identify Critical Shopping Patterns

Which product categories do shoppers most likely make their first or second purchase from? Which product purchases are most likely to lead to customer loyalty in the future? Which product categories do shoppers naturally cross-shop? Uncovering these types of key purchase correlations gives you the insights you need to optimize your overall marketing strategy and produce more high-value, loyal customers. With Zaius, you can do just that.

Model in real-time at any point in history

Compare linear, first-touch, last-touch, first touch + last touch, and time decay attribution models on-demand. Unlike legacy systems, Zaius lets you go back to any point in time to run attribution reports and answer new questions about old data. Find answers to critical marketing questions, like: How can I maximize lifetime revenue of my customers? What are the drivers of first purchases? Repeat purchases? Customer loyalty? Average order size? And much more.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?