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Customer Success

B2C marketers can’t stop talking about the Customer Success team at Zaius. Our customers consistently tell us that their experience with our Customer Success team exceeds their expectations and stands out from other vendors they’ve worked with. The team consists of Onboarding Managers, Customer Success Managers, Support Engineers, and Platform Architects whose responsibility is to make your marketing team successful and ensure you get measurable value from the Zaius platform. Here’s how it works.


Upon becoming a Zaius customer, you’ll enter a 90-day onboarding period guided by your assigned Onboarding Manager.

Our onboarding program is structured around three concurrent tracks of work with key goals and outcomes:

  1. Integration: This track involves integrating your commerce platform with Zaius to enable core behavioral campaigns and personalized elements in batch campaigns.
  2. Configuration: This track involves configuring and activating core campaigns and campaign elements.
  3. Enablement: This track involves enabling your independence on the platform through a detailed curriculum, a robust training library, and one-on-one sessions with your Onboarding Manager.

The final output of onboarding includes defined segments, warmed IP addresses, activation of key campaigns (cart abandon, browse abandon, welcome, post-purchase, newsletter), and creation of core reports.

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Upon completion of the onboarding phase, you’ll be transitioned to a dedicated Customer Success Manager (CSM). In addition to providing ongoing platform enablement, this resource will provide consultative
and strategic guidance for your brand. By showcasing data insights and opportunities for optimization tailored to your unique business needs, your CSM will help you iterate and improve your campaigns.

During advisory calls and executive business reviews, your CSM will show you how to leverage Zaius to increase value for your business—from increasing customer lifetime value to driving further return on
your investment.

Executive Business Reviews

Your CSM will conduct periodic executive business reviews (EBRs) of your accomplishments using the Zaius platform. These sessions include a deep-dive campaign performance audit, recommendations for optimization, suggestions for new campaigns and opportunities for improvement, and a Zaius product roadmap update.

Ongoing Support

Throughout your entire experience as a Zaius customer,
you’ll have access to our Support team from 8am to 8pm EST Monday through Friday and on weekends for critical issues. Simply submit your requests via email or in-app through chat and our Support Engineers will troubleshoot issues and make recommendations for next steps.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?