Engage Customers When it Matters Most

Lifecycle Automation

Zaius automatically segments your customers by lifecycle stage, allowing you to automate engagement at each stage. Combined with behaviorally-triggered campaigns, you’ll have all of the tools you need to acquire new customers, drive more loyalty, and win back at-risk customers.

Roll Out the Red Carpet for Every New Customer

Every new shopper is a potential customer, but if you don’t engage them quickly with relevant content, you risk losing them forever. With Zaius, you can automate welcome campaigns that immediately engage new shoppers and increase first purchase rates. And because Zaius tracks anonymous browsing behavior, your welcome campaigns will deliver a personalized experience from the very first engagement.

Keep Shoppers Coming
Back for More

The second purchase is the most important — not only because driving repeat purchases is the fastest and most profitable way to grow revenue. After the second purchase, your buyers are exponentially more likely to purchase a third or fourth time. By automating personalized post-purchase, cross-selling, and replenishment campaigns, marketers are able to maximize the all-important repeat purchase rate.

Re-Engage and Win Back
At-Risk Customers

Inevitably, some customers will stop returning to your store. When customers are showing signs of disengagement, you need to act quickly. Automating re-engagement campaigns based on customer behavior is critical to minimizing churn and winning back valuable customers. With Zaius’ lifecycle automation capabilities, it’s easy to win them back.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?