Treat Your Customers like Individuals

Multi-Channel Personalization

Personalization is where we shine. Because Zaius unifies your customers’ behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, there is no better data on which to build your content personalization. From personalized product placement and recommendations on your website to behaviorally-triggered omni-channel campaigns, Zaius helps marketers truly personalize the customer experience.

Engage Customers
at the Right Moment

When engaged at the right time, customers are far more likely to make a purchase. With Zaius you can convert more buyers with personalized cart and browse abandonment messages; keep them engaged with individualized post-purchase and next-purchase campaigns; or even alert them when you release a new product you know they’ll love. Real-time personalization better serves your customers what they want, right when they want it

Recommend the Perfect Products

Customers expect your brand to adapt marketing to their preferences, including recommending new products they’ll love. Zaius delivers the highest-converting and most effective product recommendations because they’re based on a deep, unified understanding of your customers’ behaviors across channels and devices. Our recommendation engine optimizes recommendations in real-time so you’ll always serve the most relevant content to each customer at any point in time.

Elevate Your Old Promotional Campaigns

Who said your customer newsletters and other promotions can’t be as relevant and effective as triggered messages? Zaius’ Email Designer makes it easy to add in personalized content — images of browsed products, products added to cart, and even new product recommendations — to any campaign. Because Zaius tracks anonymous shopping behavior, even the first visit to your site can become a personalized experience for the shopper.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?