Stop Spamming Your Customers

Customer Segmentation

Every marketer knows that customer segmentation is key to evolving B2C marketing from batch-and-blast messaging to more relevant customer communications. Zaius links your customers’ behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, then puts that data directly in your hands for easy, real-time customer segmentation and immediate activation.

Engage Shoppers Throughout the Lifecycle

Zaius automatically segments your customers by lifecycle stage for more targeted messaging and analysis. Use lifecycle segmentation to re-engage at-risk customers, win back lost customers, and move one-time purchasers toward loyalty. With key metrics like the average order value by segment or the average time to second purchase, you’ll know exactly where to focus your efforts.

Go Deeper with Our Powerful Segment Builder

Because Zaius links customer behaviors and attributes across channels and devices, the data available to you for segmentation is unmatched. Use our flexible segment builder to create a segment of customers who have shopped a specific product or category, of women in a certain age range, or even of buyers who first visited from a Facebook ad campaign. The deeper the customer segmentation, the more relevant your messaging.

Identify Your Most Valuable Customer Segments

You can use customer segments for more than just targeted messaging. The same segments can filter reporting and analysis so you can compare the key behaviors and metrics of loyal customers against those of first-time buyers; or shoppers of one category against those of another. When you use segmentation to better understand your buyers, you’ll understand their needs and can engage them more effectively.

Alright, ready to move your business foward?