Zaius for the Apparel Industry

Zaius is the Activated Customer Data Platform that assists apparel brands to reduce customer acquisition cost, increase conversion rate, and drive serious customer loyalty. 

Zaius helps apparel brands like Strut This and Mizzen + Main deliver relevance and drive happier customers. What could be better?


“We were really struggling with a lack of access to our customer. We couldn’t really see where they were in the lifecycle and whether they were a first-time shopper or a loyal customer."


The Zaius Approach for Apparel


Reduce Customer Acquisition Cost

Zaius makes it easy for your brand to increase conversions and reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) by creating a predictive model unique to your customer set, which includes behaviors and insights such as which customers are most likely to purchase next. This customer attribute is assigned to each and every shopper and can be leveraged to create segments and power look-a-like modeling in Google and Facebook, or to exclude unnecessary spend from AdTech providers like Criteo, reducing your CPA. Get ready to attract more of the right people, at a lower cost.

Increase Conversion Rate

Shoppers who see Zaius’ highly-personalized product recommendations are twice as likely to purchase compared to those who don’t. With Zaius, you’re able to display highly relevant product recommendations to first-time shoppers via web modals or on-site embeds. And each recommendation is derived from a data-rich unified customer profile, so you can feel confident that the pants or shoes you’re suggesting are just what your shopper wants.


Improve Customer Loyalty

With an abundance of options in the apparel industry, retaining shoppers and driving loyalty can be a major challenge. However, driving loyal and repeat customers is much less expensive than driving new customers. With Zaius, you can easily integrate all of your marketing, service, and merchandising data for access to a complete view of the customer. This unified customer profile allows your brand to quickly identify and execute campaigns based on crucial factors in driving repeat purchases such as which customers are at risk or need a discount to incentivize another purchase. 

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