Zaius for the
Health & Beauty Industry

Zaius is the Activated Customer Data Platform that assists health and beauty brands to predict time to next order for shoppers’ favorite items, deliver personalized product recommendations, and increase repeat purchases through replenishment campaigns. 

Zaius helps brands like Coola Suncare and Patchology deliver relevance and drive happier customers. What could be better?


“The Yopto Zaius integration has allowed us even greater personalization in our recurring campaigns, with very minimal time and effort."


The Zaius Approach for Health & Beauty


Accelerate Purchasing Timelines with Predicted Time to Next Order

Wouldn’t it be nice to know when your customers are going to purchase next? When will they order their sunscreen or blush again? With Zaius, you can determine buying intent sooner and accelerate your shoppers’ purchasing timelines with a deep sequential neural network that’s trained on your own discrete data to predict every shopper’s Time-to-Next-Order. These insights can be leveraged to power look-a-like modeling across channels like Facebook and Google.

Drive More Sales with Personalized Recommendations

Shoppers who see Zaius’ highly-personalized product recommendations are twice as likely to purchase compared to those who don’t. With Zaius, you’re able to display highly relevant product recommendations to first-time shoppers via web modals or on-site embeds. And each recommendation is derived from a data-rich unified customer profile, so you can feel confident that the mascara or lipstick you’re suggesting is just what your shopper wants.

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Increase Repeat Purchases Through Replenishment Campaigns

Each shopper has their own replenishment cycle, and to Health & Beauty brands, this means that timing is everything when it comes to delivering relevant messaging across channels and maximizing Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV). Gain insights into frequently purchased health and beauty items to easily automate and execute replenishment and win-back campaigns across all of the channels on which you depend. 

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