Zaius for Marketers

The brands who can shift from campaign-centric marketing to customer-centric marketing are the brands who will thrive in the next five years. This starts with the ability to stitch together and analyze all customer touchpoints, but you also need a way to activate on newly surfaced behaviors and preferences.  Zaius is a complete platform designed for marketers to increase CLTV by collecting, connecting, analyzing and activating customer data.

Collect & Connect Customer Data

Zaius provides the visibility into your customers’ buying behavior you’ve been longing for by collecting and stitching together all customer interactions, both known and anonymous. As an Activated CDP, Zaius instantly provides you with a clear view of each shopper, their preferences, behaviors, and likelihood to purchase. It’s with this new data that your journey as a Zaius Marketer begins.

Align Your Entire Brand Around the Customer

With Zaius Activated CDP, Marketing, Service, and Commerce finally have the single view of every shopper that you’ve always needed. And Zaius is the only platform to consolidate and understand all your customer data, apply a layer of sophisticated analytics to segment your audiences, and give you the flexibility to activate your data across any channel you’d like.

Activated CDP

Zaius stitches together all the customer data you already have at your disposal. The output is full visibility into each and every customer, their history with your brand, and a true understanding of your shoppers’ journey.

Data-Science Driven Insights

Zaius creates a predictive model based on all of your data to surface behaviors and predictions you never knew were there. These insights tell you which customers will purchase next, the products that could use marketing love, and pinpoint who is ready to increase their order. It’s supercharged segmentation.


Armed with customer visibility and finely-tuned behavioral segments, Zaius now allows you to build and deploy all your marketing campaigns, integrate into the marketing system of your choice, or integrate with other experience solutions such as service, loyalty, commerce, and more.

Ready to start growing with Zaius Activated CDP?