Zaius for the
Sporting Goods Industry

Zaius is the Activated Customer Data Platform that assists growing sporting goods brands to acquire new customers with ease, uncover hidden product gems, and recommend the perfect products to their shoppers. 

Zaius helps brands like ChalkTalkSPORTS and Golf Locker drive higher CLTV and happier customers. What could be better?


"The overall philosophy of the Zaius platform is fundamentally different than any solution I’ve used in the past. Its focus on the customer lifecycle and increasing lifetime value across channels is a perfect complement to Stio’s churn prevention strategy."


The Zaius Approach for Sporting Goods


Acquire New Customers with Ease

It can be challenging to find new customer segments to target in the Sporting Goods Industry. Zaius creates a predictive model unique to your customer set, which includes behaviors and insights such as which customers are most likely to purchase next. This customer attribute is assigned to each and every shopper and can be leveraged to power look-a-like modeling in Google and Facebook, or to exclude unnecessary spend from AdTech providers like Criteo, reducing your Cost Per Acquisition.

Uncover Hidden Gems

The sporting goods category naturally has a large product catalog, which creates a problem for merchandisers:  how do you ensure you’re giving the right products the optimal amount of exposure? How do you know which golf club you are spending the most to promote, but is performing the worst? Or vice versa? Zaius ranks your entire product collection by sales versus visibility, giving you instant insight so you know which golf clubs (or balls, gloves, or spikes) to prioritize and which to de-emphasize.  


Recommend the Perfect Products

Today’s shoppers expect you to adapt your marketing to their preferences, including recommending new products they’ll love. Zaius delivers the highest-converting and most effective product recommendations because they’re based on a deep, unified understanding of your customers’ behaviors across channels and devices. When your shoppers buy a new hockey stick, Zaius knows that they’re a prime shopper for a set of new gloves from the same brand.

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